STORY: Families That Kill Together – Part 1 – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Families That Kill Together…Part 1’ sees a small leap forward in time in our story. With Elite Force seemingly dissolved, brave heroines are defending their old beats without the backup of the multi-national agency. It’s a lonely and difficult job, but someone has to do it. We catch up with Majesty as she takes on a Darkheart. Fairly routine you might think, but this Darkheart refuses to stay down, and keeps getting up stronger! Majesty is going to need help, and she gets it when blood proves thicker than water!



  • Double majesty is fantastic. Great to see the original back

    Also I wrote an email to you last week about getting access to a photoshoot I can’t find in my emails – can you get back to me?

  • Both Majesties in one video!!! 😮
    Wowzers! This is something I definitely wanted to see, but I didn’t think would be likely to ever happen. Can’t wait to see how they interact.
    Between this and the photo set tomorrow, this is going to be a very majestic week

    • Yes, we have the Majesty I photo set tomorrow, the video with both at the weekend AND for members, the photo set with both to accompany the video. I doubt we’ll ever have a more majestic week than this one!

  • Wow! I was just thinking about posting when I saw her picture in the upcoming photo set, “Please bring back the old Majesty!”

    I remember reading a while back that NGC was unhappy with certain actresses for being unprofessional and it seemed like she may have been one of them…so if that was true, I’m glad to see her given (and hopefully taking advantage of) a second chance. Good to see both side willing to work together again. I’m excited for this!

    • I like to think we are the lucky ones when an actress returns, not them.

      Having pretty and talented actresses return time and time again to film in tight outfits and physically demanding shots in such a niche genre, even if NGC is a totally professional and serious operation…I call that lucky for us the audience (even if some actors end up being unprofessional, but I bet those that came back to film multiple videos weren´t)

  • This is way beyond cool ! Great to see the older sister return – and I hope she sticks around as part of the ongoing story.

  • phoxy_brown says:

    Is this kinda like the Five Doctors serial? Looks very fun & interesting but I figured you would have played it like No Way Home where the fans get to shriek when Andrew Garfield emerges from the portal. Either way, I’m onboard.

  • It´s funny how I always assumed you only had one of those costumes and suddenly you pull something like this!!!
    Gives me hope that the improved Suki Deluxe costume that Comet Girl wore on her debut is somewhere alive and kicking!!

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