STORY: ‘Fancy Seeing You Here!’ – Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… Carmen Black unfortunately reconnects with the deranged Ex-Mayor Killscape, an arch-villain from her past. It seems wherever he goes, trouble follows, and it is no different here. Carmen is given a choice; integrate into his Equilibrium Guardians program, or be destroyed!


  • Im kinda new I loved the barefoot part (more please) 👍 i think i buyed all your stuff with barefeet now i love it good job i started with kix kandy crisis you should do a crisis with her 😉 barefoot of course

  • Absolutely loved the second half! Gorgeous new costume (still showing off that wonderful midriff, thank you 😀 ), and a humiliating ending. Loved the ‘kissing the glove’ part.
    I can well imagine the first half had a lot of fans too, but I’m in the minority of superheroine fans (it seems) who really love boots, but hate bare feet… so I struggled a little with the first half, to be honest. But the second half was so good, it more than made up for it.
    I was relieved to see she was properly booted through the entirety of the photo set, too, just like I like it 😉

    • Nah, you’re not the only one. I gravitate towards the Superheroine vids so I can escape all the barefoot outfits from other genres. I like boots and Superheroines usually (almost always) wear them. Once the boots get removed the video also gets removed (from my hard drive). Obviously, I am exaggerating, but I am definitely not a fan of the barefoot sections. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

      Haven’t gotten this vid yet, but I eventually will as I am a big fan of this actress. She was great in the Pain League stuff, but she was way too dominant there.

      Speaking of the Pain League, any chance more actresses are going to make their way over to the NGC side of things? Specifically, that actress who played Jennifer was kind of amazing. Obviously, with everything that has been going on in recent times I am sure things are a bit of a struggle when it comes to the talent you have available. But can’t hurt to ask.

      • Yes she was very good. The trouble has been that a lot of people made big life-changing decisions over the last 18 months.

        Being a jobbing actor in London is tough at the best of times. It’s an expensive place to live, even the bad areas if you are renting, and if you can’t get any work then you can’t even live there. A lot of the people we worked with either had to take full time employment to stay in the city or had to leave entirely. So now, they either have little availability or they are 200 miles away. That is a big reason for cast changes which will be on-going throughout 2022 I imagine.

        • @NGC
          Thanks for the info. It’s unfortunate, but also understandable. The last year and a half has been hell. Lets hope for better times moving forward.

          @Yanik and Guido
          Yeah, no one is right or wrong when it comes to our likes and dislikes. I just wanted Guido to know he wasn’t the only one with similar tastes.

      • I respect your preferences. Mine are just opposite: I love the barefoot fighting parts.
        Let’s hope that there will be more awesome videos for both of us! 🙂

        • @OLDBEAR
          Thanks 😀 I was beginning to think I was the only one. Glad I’m not alone

          Exactly. There’s plenty of room in this genre to accommodate both our tastes 🙂 … which this very video excellently demonstrates.

  • Im also glad that im not the only one who loves the barefoot fights i agree you cant make it perfect for everyone but i think the boot guys are a little bit in advantage with the videos here 😭😂

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