STORY: Futility – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Futility’ finds Wonderstrike out of blasts and getting overrun by infected. As she seeks some respite from more cries for help, she stumbles into yet another of the forsaken. With her power spent, and a strong foe, it looks like the end. Suddenly, a lady in black comes to her aid, but is this going to be a happy ending?


  • Excellent video! 🙂
    It packs quite a lot into it’s runtime, with three awesome and varied fights, as well as the introduction of an amazing new character. I instantly loved Felina. She handled the action spectacularly (those kicks! Wow!), and I’m always a fan of those leather-catsuit characters. I hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

    As for Wonderstrike, she gives a phenomenal central performance as a heroine too over-worked, worn out and spent to put up much of a fight. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The actress is at the top of her game right now .

    Interested to see where the story goes from here

  • Hmm, both heroines capable of wonder-blasting have now both been taken by someone. But where is Wonderstrike being taken I wonder… Anyway, I enjoyed this, and I liked Felina’s backstory as well as her kick based offense.

  • Lots of fighting in this one. Adds to the intrigue of the Infected main storyline. Wonderstrike was too tired to deliver her usual insults except for the ‘catwoman wanna be’ line 🙂 Unexpected knockout tool used. Overall it was good with both actresses doing great. The pic set was probably the biggest yet ( 980 MB ! )

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