STORY: Gain of Function – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… The Story continues with ‘Gain of Function’ as Alias is brought to a place of interest by Lady Atom where she finds the Duke. He warns her of the dangers of the spreading virus, and the infected. Her power is vital in overcoming the dangers, provided she can synthesise a ‘wonder-blast’ that is… She has never managed it in the past, but there is no time like the present, as the Duke introduces an infected subject to proceedings. It is time to sink of swim for Alias!



    • Wonderstrike’s lawyer would probably just be Wonderstrike in a disguise… and we all know how good Wonderstrike is at disguises πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah, Wonderstrike’s legal representation would be a thin woman in a wig and robe named “Philomena Confession” insisting that Alias cease and desist all heroine-mimicry without prefacing said appearances with a disclaimer that “the vigilante action depicted hereupon is an impersonation, not to be construed as sanctioned, endorsed, or in support of any heroines living or dead.”

  • Yay, more new costumes for Alias πŸ˜€
    And, I believe, this is her first time in a catsuit… or two catsuits even

    Sounds awesome! Already super excited for this one

  • Always nice to have some action with civilian clothes too, but damn. I wasn’t expecting the return of these pieces. The Deceptress outfit looks great without a belt… and Alias ​​fits so well on it! This is what i call a combo!

  • Damn dude…I kid you not I had a dream of a blondie wearing the Erica Lynn suit last week…think this is like a Mandela Effect where I forgot you posted a preview of this before to plant that idea in my mind!

    Seeing the return of Miss Freedom catsuit was good enough, but seeing my favorite costume of my favorite heroine returning, and in a de-belted form like I always dreamed of? There’s tons of real state in the area between the hips and waist for the bad guys to land hits now. Might not be the original Erica actress but this is why Alias is growing so much on me, she seems to be able to make every costume her own!! And look killer while doing it.

    Can’t describe how hyped I am for this and thanks for bringing that costume back for a video even if may only have a few minutes of screen time. This is gonna be a long week waiting ^^

  • I’m so jealous of Alias’ actress right now. Getting so many beautiful legendary costumes built just for you… that’s just amazing

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