STORY: Gain of Function – TRAILER

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Gain of Function’ sees the Duke playing with fire as he tries to coerce Alias into killing an infected subject with a Wonder-blast, while also maintaining a strange control over it. This infection is evolving, and to what degree the Duke is responsible, is unclear.


  • Can´t repeat enough how happy I am to see the original Erica Lynn costume finally de-belted, those white lines flow so well with the body!

    • I’ve never really been the biggest fan of that particular costume, but I’ve got to say, she does look good it it.
      Though most of my excitement is for seeing her in the Miss Freedom catsuit 😀

      • I mean, that´s my fav Miss Freedom costume as well, If Erica´s suit wasn´t in the video I would be also hyped for it anyway, but having both at once is great! (although I suspect they will have reduced screen time considering there´s also an appearance of Wonderstrike costume which seems to be the most important storyline aspect of the video)

  • I’m curious… is Alias the only heroine whose power actually comes alongside their costume?

    I remember just in X Heroine episode, Lady X’s ridiculed for her change of costume being a mere cosmetic change. It’s certainly not the case with Alias.

    Is it the case with everyone else? The only person I can think of that changes power alongside the change of her costume is Spectrum.

    • When the Superior’s were rehabilitating Miss Freedom, her catsuit was powering her for a time. I can’t think of others. Most people remember this stuff better than I do!

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