STORY: Grey Area – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Grey Area’ sees Alias fight in Bluebird and Lady Victory form in an attempt to take down both Sister Fate and the Anvil at the same time. Sister Fate still imagines herself an integral part of Equilibrium’s future, and once Alias is subdued, she can report back to the higher-ups, giving reasons for the battle. Unfortunately, her Commanding Officer is Ex-Mayor Killscape, and he sees things a little bit skewed, as any long-time observers might expect. Will his intervention put Alias in more danger though?


  • Awesome video! Alias continues to impress. As well as being gorgeous and cute, she can also unleash a fierce tigress when she wants to, and make me believe she could kick my ass 😆
    Hope she sticks around for a looooooong time!
    Performances were excellent from all three performers (or four, if you count the Mayor). Sister Fate and Anvil make a great double-act.
    Wonderful photoset too 🙂

  • Great video, really enjoyable. Alias is a great actress (as is Sister Fate!) and she’s wonderfully fierce and aggressive in this entry. I especially enjoyed the organizational intrigues as SF tries to navigate the potential unraveling of Equilibrium’s plans and her own place in them. I found myself (shock) actually sympathizing with her!
    Alias proves once again that she’s a talented performer (and looks great in everything!) I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next, and what other identities/powers she may have up her sleeve (unless she goes sleeveless!)

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I think if you can sympathise with any character then something is at least partially working. The hope to belong and the loss of that hope is quite an interesting thing to think about.

  • Its awesome video, Alias now its one of my favourites, and its perfect if she use the Capitain Liberty suit or Wonderstrike Suit
    Congratulations for Alias

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