Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… As Equilibrium fractures, choices have to be made… Who aligns with who? Who is raised up? And who is surplus to requirements? Alias proves her heroic worth by taking on the villainous duo of Anvil and Sister Fate, but will she have the might to defeat them both?


  • Must say that i Don´t remember that Bluebird costume ever getting sweaty but I like it (hot summer day of filming I imagine)!!

    Hope we can some day see an exhaustion kind of battle where a heroine gets progressively worn out, her costume torn little by little and sweat all over the place! Although I feel most of those concepts have happened before ^^

  • I’m really looking forward to this. Alias made a great impression immediately because I love the concept of a heroine who revives the powers and costumes of heroines we don’t see anymore (it didn’t hurt that she’s soooo pretty). She’s also impressed so far as a great performer (fighting and acting) and seeing her introduction to the main story now, finally lifting the lid a bit on this ‘Guardian’ program, is wonderful.

  • This really looks good. The actress who plays Alias really knows how to sell being facepunched. I hope she takes a lot of facepunches in this video.
    I’m positive this will be a buy.

  • This looks awesome!
    Of course, I already told you that I’ve loved Alias right from the very first photo you posted of her. And given how impressive she’s been in all her videos (and photosets) so far, I can easily see her being this years MVP

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