Story Hiatus

Now that ‘Imprisoning The Prince – Part 2’ has been released we have come to the end of what we had shot for the Story before corona virus lock down.

Since the official end of Season 4 with ‘Hell & Back’, we had gone 30 straight months providing a canon story video but like everyone we never considered a situation where it actually wouldn’t be possible to film. In a way we have been fortunate that this break comes at a clear break point in the story, so that when we recommence things may still make sense.

So far we have managed to provide a weekly video throughout the crisis, this is due to a lot of hard work at the end of 2019 primarily where luckily we shot more than we needed. We are running a bit low now, but we hope to be lucky a third time by having restrictions lifted in the coming weeks so that we can film again. I will notify people when that is possible if they want customs etc..

If we can film from late July to early August then I would hope to start piecing a story together again in the Autumn and have it recommence in December. It will need to be written on the basis of which characters are still available to me, at this point I don’t know.

I hope everyone is keeping well and make sure to look out for our next release this Friday.


  • I’ve been incredibly impressed that you’ve continued to have content to release throughout the pandemic (the real next global crisis) so far, and it’s very fortuitous that the end of new story material comes at point of such moment. I certainly hope that circumstances permit the resumption of filming sooner rather than later (while keeping everyone safe) and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

  • Cassandra says:

    I love what you have done with the Miss Freedom arc. It’s really compelling how she went from probably the most arrogant member of Elite Force to being so humbled. The actress is amazing but I kind of don’t want her character to come back unless she’s really damaged or maybe becomes a villain or if you do more alternate world versions of her. Keep up the fantastic work and take care..

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