STORY: In The End, Silence – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members… Sunday on this website for everyone else… Ubiquity and Captain Liberty take on a large, infected Darkheart that is stronger than them, and that they can’t kill. All the while, the infection is so widespread that it surely cannot be stopped. Could this finally be the end for Elite Force? Let alone humanity!


  • Awesome video!, cannot wait for more adventures with ubiquity, she is just so good at giving good reactions and playing the part

  • Fantastic!
    Two awesome heroines, plenty of intense action, and an intriguing ending. I’ve been really enjoying this infected Darkhearts plot, and I’m interested to see where the story goes from here.

    Wonderful accompanying photo-set, too, that everyone should get, featuring lots of action, and some stunning shots of both Ubiquity and Captain Liberty. Some particularly beautiful shots of Captain Liberty laughing, and clearly enjoying herself, and some fun shots of the pair shaking hands. They make a really nice team 🙂

  • Infected videos are always fun. They’re smart zombies that are hard to kill. Ubiquity, Captain Liberty and the zombie guy were all great in this one !

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