STORY: Known Unknowns – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Majesty & Ubiquity are thrown together in a fight against infected civilians that neither of them saw coming. As the virus spreads the fractured heroine sisterhood is going to come under more and more pressure, but can they gain anything from this fight that they can use? Or will the succumb to the growing infection?


  • Excellent video! 🙂
    I instantly loved the team of Majesty and Ubiquity. While I love the bickering and cattiness that can often happen with a team-up, here it was great to see the two of them work so well together, and the respect they had for each other. They both had a lot of nice character moments throughout the video.
    I particularly liked the part at the end, which at first seemed purely like a fun character moment for the pair, but turned out to spark another plot thread. Good writing, that 🙂

    Of course, the action was awesome! Fast paced and brutal, and the pace barely let up. Majesty and Ubiquity did fantastic (excellent use of her invisibility power in the video, too), as did the people playing the infected. Choreographing two heroines and three baddies can’t have been easy, but you did it amazingly.

    Great way to wrap up 2022 🙂

  • I think I’d best describe the action here as frenetic, especially in the beginning as the situation breaks down into battle. It’s been fun seeing each heroine’s reactions as they’re introduced to the infected (Wonderstrike last time, and Ubiquity here). And like Guido said, what starts out as a fun exchange at the end moves the plot along.

    Also, it there is a different feel with heroines fighting these infected rather than normal villains. With them, there is some kind of motivation or reasoning behind their actions, whereas the utter lack of those things creates a greater sense of physical danger for our heroines. I think I made this comment during one of the earlier videos, but with the kind of horror vibe that the infected give off, I wouldn’t mind seeing some future videos lean into it more (heck, even a lot more).

  • I liked this one as it was a lot of fun. Attack of the zombies part 3 had a lot of back and forth action with a lot of people having their faces slammed into a table or other wooden object 🙂 Wasn’t sure if the zombies could ‘sniff out’ Ubiquity when she was invisible, kind of like a dog might. Still wondering if Ubiquity has the ability to shape force fields like the Invisible Woman does. Overall, I thought that Majesty, Ubiquity and the 3 zombie actors did great in this one ! 🙂

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