STORY: Limitations – Part 1 – Trailer

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Limitations – Part 1’ continues our story as Captain Liberty & Carmen Black the Fourth face-off in a brutal battle for supremacy. But, has the Captain bitten off more than she expected? And is Carmen ready for the challenges facing her on planet Earth?


  • Wow both girls look superb. And isn’t that Damnation from UPL as Carmen Black? You have a very talented actress there. Not that I would know, but I am guessing she has a lot of potential if she decides to pursue a career in world domination.

  • Knee deep in the midst of a global pandemic and he still manages to find amazing fresh talent. Bravo, sir!

    Although I’m guessing this was filmed long before our current “shared global experience”.

    Either way, thanks for kicking out new material.
    Cheers, mate!

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