STORY: Lost Guardians – Part 1 – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Killscape pits his loyal Guardian Lightstalker against his prisoner Captain Liberty to both test one and coerce the other. His need for reinforcements is large as the villains he tricked line up against him, BUT with Elite Force apparently history, perhaps he can convince Captain Liberty that her future lies with him?


  • Awesome video! 😀
    I’m probably very biased though (because she’s my number one fave) but Captain Liberty knocked it out of the park once again!
    The new girl, Lightstalker, was amazing too. (It may just be me, but in some shots, from certain angles, she looked uncannily like Bluebird… there’s a photo-set idea for you, anyway)
    The action was incredible. Both girls giving their all. Absolutely loved the ending 😆 (which I won’t spoil)
    Amazing photo-set too!
    Can’t wait for part 2! 🙂

  • Captain Liberty again turns in a great performance, she has really become a reliable star member of the team who brings it every time. But I’m personally very excited about Lightstalker. She had the looks, physique, physicality, and acting chops to turn in a very great and convincing performance in her debut. She has the potential to be a real standout member of the roster. Really looking forward to Lightstalker in the future

  • Jobson Marinho da Silva says:

    Another superb offering ,NGC ! Fighting is fierce , fast-paced and even most of the time,with both heroines doing an amazing job! Lightstalker is a great addition to the show , I hope she turns into a bad girl for real! She also gave me some Bluebird vibes!

  • A new heroine (always exciting), Captain Liberty (never disappoints), and the latest story entry–hard to imagine anything better. On individual merits, this video is excellent. Both actresses give fantastic performances and the action is intense, as it often is when Cap Liberty is involved. We’re treated to a minute or so of CL in restraints and it was great to see the cell where she’s been kept. The new girl, Lightstalker, is very intriguing, in addition to being an immediately impressive fighter and very fetching. I also love the idea of a tech-enhanced heroine (if Lightstalker even is a heroine.) I can’t wait to see where this goes next.
    I’m also very pleased to catch up with what’s going on in the story as well. Killscape’s Guardians project is struggling after several setbacks: Celestia burning them with their villain allies, Alias getting wise to their nature, whatever happened to Lady Atom after her debacle debut, and the apparent failure to control Carmen Black IV (I hope we see her again soon!) Will Captain Liberty help fill the gap in Killscape’s recreation of the Fail-Safe Sisters? I guess we’ll see in Part 2.
    Killscape also revealed to CL that Elite Force has splintered. We saw Wonderstrike’s hustle, the Clarke sisters are doing their own thing, Miss Freedom’s a vigilante, and who knows what Alias is up to. Her only appearance so far is non-canon, but Shining Spirit is allegedly joining Equilibrium, so there’s another potential. It remains to be seen where other heroines (Ubiquity, Patriot-Girl, Lady X) will fit in.
    Anyway, fantastic episode! The next part can’t arrive soon enough.

  • Some very nice comments so far. We enjoyed shooting this, both actresses did a great job on the fighting and made it very easy. Good fun!

  • I’m hoping that Lightstalker stays a villain. There aren’t many super powered female villains out there so that it would be great to have another one !

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