STORY: Malicia’s Revenge – 1st Previews

When Celestia craftily uncovered Equilibrium plans to eliminate all the villains who had worked with them, many villains ran, some hid, and one plotted her revenge. Malicia uses her magic power to gain access to Ex-Mayor Killscape, the CEO of Equilibrium, to take him down for betraying her. Unfortunately, magic doesn’t work so well on the Iron Drone that Killscape commands. Nor does it seem very effective against Patriot-Girl, whom Killscape introduces as his bodyguard. The blonde heroine certainly seems unaware of the politics behind this encounter, but upon receiving a command to defend her master, she doesn’t hesitate. Can Malicia get revenge? Can Patriot-Girl overcome the villainess? Find out on FRIDAY (if you are a Member) or Sunday (if you arent).


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