STORY: Malicia’s Revenge – Final Previews

OUT already for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Patriot-Girl vows to defend her master Killscape from the magical vengeance of Malicia Divine. Her amazing strength and near-total magical immunity really take the sting out of Malicia’s plot. However, if she absorbs her own amulet and makes herself temporarily much stronger, then all bets are off! Will Malicia get her revenge over Killscape and defeat both him and Patriot-Girl? Or will the Ex-Mayor and his chief Guardian Angel prevail?


  • Really enjoyed the dynamics of this one. I think I said it in her last appearance, but the Patriot Girl character reminds me a lot of early Miss Freedom, and hopefully she’ll be around so we can see the evolution of the character. When she’s on the losing end of the fight, she really does give off the vibe of “I can’t believe I’m losing”.

    Malicia is also pretty great (as usual). Her cackling with delight as she takes over the fight is just classic, and despite entering the scenario as an almost sympathetic character, she helps remind everyone she’s a true villain with her performance.

    And can’t forget the ex-Mayor, who’s lines are delivered with the over-the-top villainy we all know and love.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Excellent video!
    I loved the role reversal aspect of the video, with the villainess cast in the central role, with the heroine playing the antagonist. It was a real tour-de-force performance from Malicia. There was a long section of Malicia in peril (something I know a lot of us fans have been wanting) and she sells it brilliantly. I’ve always loved the little whoops and shrieks she makes when she’s getting thrown around. And of course she’s amazing when she gets the upper hand too.

    Patriot-Girl gave a strong performance, too, showing a lot the things I loved about her in her Championship debut. She still had that delightful arrogant side, which is even better as she’s unaware she’s fighting for a bad guy (although, it seemed at the end she may be getting some suspicions). I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing lots more of her, and also seeing where the Equilibrium story goes from here.
    I loved that both Lady Atom and Alias got referenced… and also the cheeky comparison to Miss Freedom.
    There were some really effective special effects in the video too

    And also a wonderful (and huge) photo-set to accompany the video, which shouldn’t be missed. Loved the outdoor Patriot-Girl shots

  • Can’t add much more than the other two have already mentioned, besides the fact that I’m pretty sure I felt my brain bend just a little, watching the role reversal aspect play out in this video.
    Very clever plot twist, NGC.
    One thing I will add, and this is really just a personal feeling towards the character, while it’s been interesting watching the character being played as a pawn for the evil ex-mayor, I’m really ready for her to come to her senses and start being an out and out 100% “Heroine”, as opposed to a brain washed heroic pawn.
    I guess I’m just ready for her to burst onto a scene, strike a pose and have her bask in all the glory of righteous justice, and have that actually be her position in the story…which I believe is how this all started…right?
    JMHO, of course.
    Thanks for another great video.

  • Very kind reviews, thanks. I hope people will support this on general release, it is a bit different to things we’ve done before.

  • This one was a bit topsy-turvy but still good. I was worried about Malicia until she started laughing like a maniac half way in 🙂 The fight scenes between Malicia and Patriot Girl were great too. I was surprised at how high Malicia can actual kick. The members only vid of Celestia and Deceptress is always a welcome bonus 🙂

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