STORY: Malicia’s Revenge – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Malicia has been betrayed by Killscape and Equilibrium, but rather than run back into the shadows, she is determined to have revenge. Using her ingenuity she gets to the man (or drone) himself, but finishing him won’t be so simple, not once he calls on superheroine and Guardian Angel Patriot-Girl to defend him. The blonde heroine is convinced of her master’s righteousness. This woman must be brought to justice!


  • Awesome! Nice to see Malicia getting into some peril herself (I know lot of people, me included, have been asking for it) and great to see more Patriot-Girl

    So while the heroine and villainess retain their identities, their roles in the story seem switched.
    Very edgy, NGC! -b
    Looking forward with extra anticipation, to see this one.
    …and also, very nice to see Patriot Girl again.
    I was wondering when she’d pop up again.
    I hope she gets to return soon.

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