STORY: Noble Takedown – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Majesty tracks down a concerned Duke on the very same day that Ubiquity and Captain Liberty fought the Infected Darkheart. With the infection sweeping the globe, the Duke may well have answers that can turn the tide, but of course, he won’t come quietly and uses a powerful weapon to subdue our heroine and empower himself. Majesty is in for a tough fight!


  • I can totally imagine Duke being the kind of villain who has an impressive collection of vinyl records in his hideout 😆

  • My only coment is that i wish she had her hair loose because i love seeing the hair whiplash when an heroine with long hair like Majesty gets hit, especially with facepunches that make their entire head whobble and cause hair to whiplash and fly about a lot, i love that visual a lot ence why i prefer fem fights with lot of emphasis on facepunches. Beautiful women like the actress that plays Majesty can turn such violence into like art, like watching a dance.

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