STORY: Price of Protection – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Price of Protection’ continues the main story as Wonderstrike face the death penalty in a show-trial orchestrated by Victor Mortis, a man who claims to speak for the people, though whose mouthpiece he is happens to be unknown. If he convinces enough viewers to find Wonderstrike ‘guilty’, he’ll kill her himself with a shock stick. Wonderstrike may be trussed up and on display in an undignified manner, but if she can break free, perhaps she can overpower this wicked Judge? Catch all the action now (if you are a Member who opens their emails) OR wait until Sunday!


  • Excellent! Great performances and action from both actors.
    Nice to get a continuation of Wonderstrike’s portion of the story. With that ending, it seems like she might shake things up a bit from this point. Interesting to see where it goes from here.

  • The first part reminded me a lot of the Deadly Sins finale (which makes sense, because both that and this are awesome). Victor really stole the show during the trial portion. Ending is a bit shocking too (dont want to go too further into it before others have seen it). Story continues to deliver!

  • Wonderstrike looks great, especially in restraints 🙂 Wonderstike’s and crazy Victor’s acting were both great. The story kind of shows what might go wrong in an internet only jury trial. Both endings were great. Thanks for another great vid and pic set ! 🙂

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