As many of you who follow the story know, we have in the past tried (and mostly succeeded) in getting a new story video out every month. That has been impossible to maintain this year with the inability to film for many months.

Typically our shooting season runs from late March through to mid November. We used to go all year round, but we were making fewer films then anyway, so we just shot whenever we needed one, whereas now we plan ahead a bit more. That planning has been made very difficult.

We were quite fortunate to have shot a lot of Story in November last year which not only took us as far as this summer, but also ended on a very clear breaking point/finale with ‘Imprisoning the Prince – Parts 1 & 2’. This was lucky, and meant that I could reboot the story with more care than if I were in the middle of something that had to be resolved.

My hope is to make the Story videos more regular again. I can’t commit to a monthly edition at the moment, and I probably won’t commit to it again because I would rather get it right than force things to happen that I’m not happy with. We are still affected quite badly by the virus. A lot of the actresses playing key characters in the past are completely unbookable at the moment due to where they actually live, and with all this uncertainty I cannot say which ones will return.

My aim now is to find a warm location to film during the winter to try to catch up with shoots and hopefully welcome more characters back. Until then our releases can hopefully remain weekly but will revolve around 4 or 5 heroines (instead of 8 or 9), and locations may get repeated a fair bit too. Several locations we had been using have either gone under, or just aren’t open yet, so we have used wherever we can. Frankly I don’t want to think about repetitive locations because I expect that problem will dog us for at least the next year and there is nothing we can do about it.

All in all I’m pleased with what we’re making though, and I hope that some resolution is found soon to the issues surrounding the virus. At least the return of the story points to a return to normality.


  • Thank you for your openess about this. I actually found it amazing that you could keep a steady stream of content (and quality one) during the pandemic. Certainly your planning paid off in this situation and don’t worry, we understand things are way more difficult now

  • Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you got so many videos out during this time. Glad you’re still going strong and producing so much. Will gladly await your upcoming releases as they come. They are well worth it!!! Great stuff!!!

  • Taking in consideration epidemic- you keep really high level of your videos (and numbers of them) – so – good job! Just keep doing what you are doing, we support it!

  • I completely agree with the previous comments. Moreover, I’m (a bit) surprised and (very) excited that you are able to return to the main story. It’s welcome news, because in spite of the high quality and entertainment value of the other series, the ongoing story matters a lot to me and many other viewers. The continuous plot and development of these characters is important and holds value apart from the other fine qualities of your videos. Good luck!

  • I’m pleased you’re able to keep going, and that your performers and crew are able to work. Looking forward to forthcoming releases in whatever circumstances – I’m sure you’ll still do great work.

  • Just want to add to what all the others have said; given the crazy situation it’s amazing that you’ve put out so much this year, all top notch quality too.
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for the future 🙂

  • The worst of your videos are still light years better than some of the garbage that other producers are putting out so feel free to experiment if you want as I’ll keep buying them !

  • I echo the sentiment of previous comments. I like these videos very much for the quality (and price point) — not just another generic “Heroine in Peril” video… you know the type …

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