STORY: Special Measures – 1st Previews

The main story returns this coming weekend as Captain Liberty runs into a trap laid for her by the villainous Alaric. He’s been doing some detective work about her powers, and perhaps he isn’t acting alone. Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website…


  • I can’t figure out if like the flesh tone tights or the red tights more. The red stands out and makes her kinda one of a kind!

  • Looks fantastic! I always love to see Captain Liberty in action.
    And nice to see Alaric back, still bothering the heroines

  • My comment got denied. Someone can’t handle a little criticism lol that being said, let me rephrase. I prefer the pantyhose look over this original look. Feel like it suits the character more and makes her more elegant, as opposed to someone who looks like they’re about to go for a run. But to each their own.

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @Mike – Let me be crystal clear, this is not some democratic forum where you have the right to say whatever you want and I MUST publish it. If someone writes anything from abuse about me or any of the actors, all the way down to something I just find incredibly boring, it goes in the trash. I don’t remember your exact wording, but what I do remember was yes, it was criticism, but it was also valueless. Once a video has been shot, it is of absolutely no use to complain about what the character is wearing. I paid for the shoot. I wanted her to wear that, so that is what happened. This comment is a heads up that you can tell me what you prefer, that’s fine, but to whinge about what a character is wearing in a shot video, doesn’t interest me, and will be trashed.

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