STORY: Special Measures – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Captain Liberty gets into deep trouble as she takes on the arch-villain Alaric. Not only is her plan to keep her powers under threat, but perhaps her future is too! An amazing fight between the heroine and villain takes place, all the while, the drug keeping her strong is wearing off!


  • Outstanding!!!
    I’ve always loved Captain Liberty (she was the first new heroine introduced after I became a member, so she’ll always have a special place for me for that) but she really outdid herself in this video. Her performance, both in the action and the acting, was exceptional. The fight scene was ferocious and intense, and both actors did a great job selling it.
    Nice bit of continuity too, with Alaric referencing his own use of pills in the past (and I just watched those episodes the other week, too 😀 ).
    Where’s the story going to go from here?
    Can’t wait for more

    • @guido84 – Thank for that, I really enjoyed making this one and particularly like it when we’re able to tie things together that long-time or anyone invested in the story can enjoy.

  • I just love Captain Liberty. She somehow seems to get even better in every new video. It was great seeing Alaric back as well. He’s always great and extra sinister in his delivery. Everything about this video works exceptionally well. Great job by all involved! I can’t wait to see where this episode leads.

  • This is my favorite story episode in some time. It does an excellent job of calling back to the past while efficiently setting up the terms of the conflict for those who are new to the story. Both performers are amazing, but Captain Liberty is really exceptional, just a tremendous talent. Things are really moving forward and I’m also anxious to see what’s next.
    The photoset is absolutely essential! It’s a wonderful complement to the video and the Captain looks breathtaking.

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