STORY: The Acolyte – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… A sparring match turns extremely ugly as Lady X is introduced to a new Guardian called ‘The Acolyte’. Whoever, or whatever inhabits him, it is extremely dark in nature. The Acolyte is looking to impress Killscape, and he knows that treating lady X mercilessly will do the job. This will change Lady X forever.


  • Oh my, this is one we’ll be talking about for awhile! Lady X is just incredible here, one of the best performances of the year, if not all time (yes, I really loved this one). I don’t know how Shining Spirit got off so easily in her run in with Acolyte, but there is no quarter given in this one. Hell of a way to introduce Acolyte to the main story, as it seems to be shifting gears in light of the previous main story releases.

  • Best video ever? I think it might be! Lady X really is just phenomenal. She really can act. And her up against Acolyte was never going to be bad, but wow.

    Excited for that ending and what might be in store for her. Given this is the main story, im keen to see how this is followed up for her!

  • This really has to be one of if not my all time favourite NGC video and I’ve been a fan for years. The actress that performs as Lady X is absolutely phenomenal on every level. Beautiful, amazing athleticism, real acting skill. I could go on and on about all the little nuances she brings that elevates the whole video. The choreography and camera work is all on point.

  • Sweet Lord!!! That was incredible!!!
    I agree with what the others have been saying. This one was an all-time great!
    Lady X’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal. She always has been, in every video. Yet somehow she keeps getting better and better. Holy Moly!!!
    Acolyte, and the diabolical way he uses his powers, was exactly as I’d hoped when I first saw him in a photo-set (you even exceeded my hope by quite a bit). The action was sooo intense and brutal. Oh boy was it brutal!
    This one has elbowed it’s way into my top 5… maybe higher.
    And an amazing photo-set too

    Now I’m off to watch it again.

  • Spoiler alert: there’s lots of fighting in this one. I liked the ‘toilet’ part at the end. It might be foreshadowing Lady X’s future career πŸ™‚

  • I honestly don’t know what more can be said. This truly may be the best NGC video to date, and as an avid fan for years I know that is saying something. I have raved and raved in past posts about how beautiful and athletic the actress portraying Lady X is, but with each successive video her phenomenal acting abilities get get better and better. Her facial expressions, her delivery of lines, and her selling of the punishment she both inflicts and receives are in a class all their own. She is just incredible in every aspect, and when coupled with an excellent story, fantastic fight choreography, and first rate camera work, it results in an absolute treasure of a video. Utterly fantastic!!! Thanks again to all involved, and a tremendous thanks to the actress portraying Lady X, who has made this a stellar year for us NGC fans. We can only hope for many more Lady X adventures in the coming new year.

    • She did a really great job, and I should pay tribute to the person playing Acolyte too, because if he doesn’t do well then it isn’t anywhere near as good. A lot of extremely high praise for this one, which is obviously really nice to read. She is a treasure and I hope she’ll stick around a while.

  • The problem with watching NGC products is that the fight choreography, intensity and creative move choice are SO good, than when you go to another producer sometimes the fight scenes can feel like wet paper.

    This video is proof that if you are into cinematic, superbly filmed and action packed fights, this is the right place to buy!

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