STORY: The Acolyte – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… Lady X is placed in harm’s way as Killscape introduces her to his new Guardian; Acolyte. This masked monster is set to spar with Lady X in an effort to test the limits of his powers, however, he ends up testing hers! Lady X has rarely come up against such viciousness, and all under the watchful eye of her trusted master, it shakes her to the core. Acolyte knows that humiliating her in battle will raise his position, and he doesn’t hesitate.


    • Maybe she finally realizes something is not right with her boss and resigns? Or tries to dismantle the organization from the inside.

      Could be fun for the story looking forward!

  • Really looking forward to this one! 😀

    I’ll have to wait a little longer, because I’ve got my works Christmas do tomorrow… but as soon as I get back…

  • you’ve always had an incredible roster of actresses, but Lady X is something else entirely. Here acting skills and physicality certainly stand out in this little genre. Every release with her should be cherished, I can’t imagine she won’t be on to bigger and better things sometime soon (no offense intended).

    • Well, I’ve no idea about whether or not she’ll move beyond us. I’m sure she’s good enough to, but I think she’s pretty happy for the moment. BTW, I had to retrieve you from the extensive spam box – Cash, and the email address you gave will pretty much guarantee you going into spam, even if they are your names. Just a heads up.

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