STORY: The Coming Storm – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘The Coming Storm’ catches up to Wonderstrike as she makes the best of the break-up of Elite Force by starting her own heroine agency. She’s waiting on a new client, but when he and his large associate arrive, it seems clear other plans are afoot. The would-be client is called Darius Dread, and together with his bodyguard Midnight, he plans to abduct Wonderstrike in order to test her power against a coming threat. She has other ideas…


  • Hmmm, intriguing premise. Always love when the baddies are looking to capture a heroine and not beat her up or harm her severely. Looking forward to Friday.

  • I hope some of the other heroes join her firm and it eclipses Elite Force tbh. Out with the old in with the new (also being a mercenary hero is such a tight premise).

  • Does Elite Force even exist anymore at this stage? I know Captain Liberty claimed leadership of the team but was there really a team to claim then? I need a scorecard to keep up!

    • I don’t know, I get the impression in the main story videos that Elite Force is done, a casualty of Equilibrium’s oppressive oversight, although Equilibrium itself appears to be done now as well. There are still references to EF in some of the non-canon videos, but that could be just inertia. Having EF in the background could be easier for the one-off episodes in those non-canon videos. Of course, Cap Liberty claiming leadership of EF could be like declaring herself Empress of Atlantis or something, sounds fancy but meaningless.

      • Yes, It would be great if we could get a bit of continuity between the old team and the new actresses – to show if there’s some connection between the old Elite Force and the new heroines. We know that Ubiquity is looking for them, we know that Captain Liberty claims to lead them – but do they really still exist? I’m with you – until I see her fight Miss Freedom or Erica for the leadership, I’m assuming that Captain Liberty is just calling herself the leader without any real right to do so. We shall have to wait and see, I guess!

        • The character bios for Ubiquity and Shining Spirit suggest that Elite Force still “exists” at least as an idea, if not as a functioning organization. Based on the bio, Ubiquity hopes to be a part of a rebuild of some kind, while Shining Spirit spurned Elite Force due to their history of scandals.
          As for Captain Liberty, her last appearance in the story was “Special Measures” which ended quite badly for her. It remains to be seen what’s left of Equilibrium (which Shining Spirit apparently joined) as well as Elite Force.
          But yes, it remains to be seen what state Elite Force (and Equilibrium) are in now. I’m quite happy to see a more established heroine like Wonderstrike striking out on her own, though.

          • Yes that’s a pretty good summary. I have plans for where I want things to go, but they often need to be redrawn. For example a shoot last week was meant to involve someone who then tested positive for covid, and we had to go in another direction. The trick with the main plot has always been to be adaptable.

        • I totally second the notion of fighting Erica for the leadership!! Not very heroic but I just love seeing her on screen.

          Anyway, regarding the very few threads of storytelling that remain, maybe some new “the story so far” posts could help make a more concise timeline or easier to follow for new fans. I have missed buying some of the newest videos and honestly I´m completely lost at this point, even If I honestly don´t need every video to have a relevant plot, I would be fine seeing a cool heroine being defeated 100 times in a row but I know others need plot

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