STORY: The Coming Storm – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘The Coming Storm’ is a dark prediction made by one Darius Dread about a coming enemy that he believes Wonderstrike’s ‘Wonder-Blast’ can help him with. He isn’t the kind of man to ask nicely however and decides she will be taken by force via his bodyguard Midnight. Naturally Wonderstrike resists, but is shocked by the power of the male heavy. Can she escape these two? And what is this coming danger?


  • So many things to love about this video! As I expected from the previews, it’s a fight-heavy workout for Wonderstrike (looking spectacular) and she gets a serious beating from an intriguing new opponent. Despite taking more than she gives, she does have her moments in the fight, and her results improve when she starts to take her enemy more seriously. Still, after the halfway point she’s pretty close to being defeated, and few performers are better at playing the exhausted defenseless victim than WS.
    It’s a story entry as well and despite a considerable amount of time devoted to the fight, we learn a few new things and some future challenges take shape. In addition to the powerful henchman (Midnight) who faces WS, we also meet a new schemer (Darious Dread) who might be more than what he seems. He drops hints about a threat on the horizon that sounds familiar to those who remember other recent story entries.
    A few other comments (no spoilers): it sounds like Wonderstrike’s new agency isn’t just her; she refers to “(Elite Force’s) greatest heroines” in her description of the new enterprise. I’m really curious if it’s just former EF girls or if some new heroines might sign on with WS’s hustle. Very fertile developments among the heroines, with WS’s private gig, Equilibrium sponsoring a group of purported “heroines”, other heroines who may want to carry on with Elite Force, and maybe some others who are working solo. After the heroine game being pretty much all-Elite Force for so long (there was the brief “Liberty Alliance” back in Season 3, but it didn’t last) this decentralized landscape will be fun to watch.
    By the way, the photoset is extraordinary! Don’t miss it!

  • Excellent video. Awesome action. Wonderstrike was as amazing as ever.
    And yes, no one should miss out on the photo set

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