STORY: The Coming Storm – More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… Wonderstrike has been making a killing by using her fame to start a low level crime-fighting heroine agency, and is meeting a new client. However, this client goes by the name of Darius Dread, and he’s actually more of a kidnapper. However good his reasons for wanting to take Wonderstrike are, she’s bound to resist. Her main problem is his large and intensely strong bodyguard Midnight, who seems to take more than acceptable enjoyment from crushing blonde superheroines. Can Wonderstrike prevail?


  • phoxy_brown says:


    I’ve got a question on a completely unrelated topic.

    I’ve been chatting with Kostmeyer who does lovely artwork for some of your characters.

    We’ve been trying to determine if Heidi/Celestia story is completely done and both character and actress have moved on.

    I watched Visitor 1 & 2 and then Finding Bluebird. Both stories feel like canon so I’m not sure at this point the status of Celestia.

    I know you sometimes leave the door open for characters to return. I don’t expect an outright answer but I’ll take any clue you’d be willing to offer.


    • A sizeable proportion of comments on here are “where is this person?”, “have they left?” etc…
      I don’t really know why it matters if I’m releasing videos with someone whether or not they are taking a break. Celestia had 2 years off between I think 2016 and 2018? I’m just not sure it is something I need to keep people updated on, particularly when I’ve got videos of them in the pipeline. If someone leaves and I tell you all, then what? I’d rather concentrate on the people who are here. If a character is really popular, and that can only be based on sales not comments, and they want to leave, I’ll try and either shoot loads with them before they do OR see if I can change their mind, but everything ends.

      Again, if I report to you all that someone has left, what good does it do? “Why?” is the next question, and invariably it isn’t my business to outline that, and it is probably a very mundane reason. I don’t think I’ve fallen out with anyone, it just isn’t that dramatic.

      Realistically every character is on notice. A couple of bad releases in a row, and provided the idea for the video wasn’t awful, then I probably won’t call them for a while, or again. If you want to see more of someone, support their videos, if you want me to persuade someone from the past to come back, support their videos and consider a sizeable custom offer I can take to them. If that isn’t something you can do then I hope you’ll embrace the people I’m shooting with now.

      • phoxy_brown says:

        Thank you for the detailed and pointed response. I was more curious if Celestia’s arc complete, but thank you either way.


      • The “vote with your wallet” logic in full swing. I like it!

        Although I must say I have skipped some videos with an actress I loved just because I didn´t like the idea or main “fetish” on display (say for example some heavy chloroform video). So it´s nice knowing you take into account the fact of video ideas being outliers sometime may affect the performance

  • Gotta say I´m kinda jealous of the actors who played the villains in this one and seeing our heroine first hand, Wonderstrike looks absolutely stunning in this one!!

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