STORY: The Coming Storm – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘The Coming Storm’ sees Wonderstrike run into a shady character called Darius Dread and his bodyguard Midnight. Darius has a series of warnings for Wonderstrike, but the most immediate threat is the desire to kidnap her for testing. Wonderstrike isn’t keen…


  • Oh gosh she’s really getting a beating in this one isn’t she? Where’s her superpower?

    I remember Wonderstrike as one of the strongest heroines but what happened to her?

  • Wow, looks like a Wonderstrike throw-down video, beginning to end! WS excels in combat-heavy videos like this one appears to be. She’s really getting her head handed to her in this trailer, but I hope we get at least a little demonstration of her fighting prowess.

      • I like a nice variety.
        I like one-sided beat-downs. I also like fights where there’s a lot of back and forth…. I even like fight where the heroine wins every now and then.

        That’s why I like NGC. They keep it interesting and give me all all those things πŸ™‚

        • I don’t oppose the notion that a heroine might hold off her adversary for a little while, where she hits back a bit (but where the adversary always hits her with more hits than her) but only for about 1/4th to a 1/3rd of the video’s lenght time. Then it’s a one sided beatdown for the majority of the video.
          I also don’t oppose the heroines have an occasional victory, but said victory has always to come at a high price and after much effort, snatched from the jaws of defeat, where before the heroine took most of the hits during the fight and performs a second wind at the last moment.
          Or else it’s kinda of a waste of time, the way i think.

  • I miss the days when she had long hair. But there seems to be a few facepunches landed on the heroine going on, so that helps.

  • Toby Flenderson says:

    Wow this is shaping up to be one of the most one sided beat downs she’s ever seen. Love the abs punches. Can’t wait for Friday.

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