STORY: The Nest – 1st Previews

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else… The broken pieces of Elite Force begin to communicate again as a growing threat slowly shows itself. Princess leads Wonderstrike to the location where she came across the infected Darkheart alongside her sister, in the hope of learning something important. What they learn is that many Darkhearts are now infected, and they’ve stumbled upon their nest. Wonderstrike had been informed by Darius Dread of her potential value against a sinister threat, could this be her moment?


  • I love the fear expressions and how they take care of each other in this last image. And Caroline is the most beautiful jewel right now. She is more than a princess, she is a goddess!

  • I love in their last teaming up, the newcomer Princess was much more powerful than Wonderstrike. The humiliation of the aging heroine being beaten in front of the youngster was so vivid. I hope this video will have a similar dynamic between the duo!

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