STORY: The Nest – Final Previews

OUT already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… ‘The Nest’ sees Princess and Wonderstrike join forces to find clues about the growing infection in the place where Princess encountered the infected Darkheart with her sister. Inevitably, the mission ends up far more dangerous than they had expected or hoped.


  • This is one of my favorite videos in a while, particularly since it’s a story entry. These two are fantastic together and I’d welcome seeing more of them as a duo. A team-up with Majesty would be even better, but I’d settle for a series that features each of the three combinations involved in an ongoing mission. Maybe the royal sisters could both join Wonderstrike’s venture?
    The fight here is terrific. One of the great things about these infected Darkhearts is that their reanimations mean the heroines are fighting against their own mounting exhaustion and deteriorating physical condition while their opponents get stronger with each revival. There’s a heightened sense of danger in this one as the heroines get wearier and the attackers keep coming. Bluebird’s second wind provided her a similar advantage, and recall that after her captivity the Darkhearts and Alaric appeared to have duplicated that power. Maybe this infection is a supercharged version of that, allowing those affected to return even from death at the cost of their minds.
    I like the way the story is going, but I also love the idea of the “zombie Darkhearts” itself. Just one of these marauders was nearly enough to defeat Majesty and Princess alone. They seemed pretty close to helpless before it spontaneously expired. No telling what would’ve happened to them had it succeeded.
    Other observations: Wonderstrike is obviously uncomfortable with snapping her opponent’s neck and is visibly creeped out by them in general, which is a nice touch. I think I’ve underrated Princess up to this point, but she’s definitely rising in my estimation. The photoset is terrific as well.

    • I’m very pleased you enjoyed it so much. I thought all the actors performed it nicely and hopefully it moved things forward a little.

      • Yes, story entries have the added bonus that the outcome matters, but in this one it feels like things are coming together.

  • Awesome video, and Wondertrike and Princess continue to be a great partnership in their third video together. They really have strong chemistry.
    The action was tense, and the performances were strong (Wonderstrike’s reaction to the Darkheart getting up the 2nd time was priceless 😆 )
    I love zombie movies, so I’m really enjoying this infected Darkheart plotline in the ongoing story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next 🙂

  • The timing of this zombie video is good as Halloween is just around the corner ! I agree with the above comments that Wonderstrike and Princess make a great team ! I also like the superheroines being smart and retreating while they still could. The Alt-ending was spooky with the Zombie celebration ending. Overall a great video ! The 4th pic of Princess on this page was also great ! Add in the photoset and the Celestia / Deceptress BTS video and this was a great NGC bundle !

    • Forgot to mention the witty and funny dialogue between Wonderstrike and Princess, especially when Wonderstrike asks Princess how she feels about being demoted from a Queen to a Princess 🙂

  • Just throwing this out there, positive comments work; I was going to pass on this one but y’all have convinced me I need to buy it. Thanks!

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