STORY: The Spoils of Chaos – Part 1: Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website… Ubiquity has heard more than she should have, and needs to be put in her place lest a criminal conspiracy be strangled at birth. If anyone is getting strangled it’s going to be our heroine, as her powers are more conducive to espionage than combat. Though she is well trained in martial arts, she lacks the strength of other superheroines and the two villains are keen to make her regret spying on them.


  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Wonderful debut, and bodes well for more character introductions in the coming months. Glad to see it’s a part 1.
    These two actresses fought before in the UPL, one of the best matches in that series (although I’m going to miss Jennifer’s UPL outfit). That fight went hard; Arantxa is also a great new add, very capable of keeping up the Luner family reputation.

  • Solid debut from 2 new characters. I like the Ubiquity-cam effect when she uses her power, thought that was a cool touch and made her power feel a little special. And she kind of holds her own until her knee is damaged (and I liked that it was a lingering effect throughout the rest of the fight). Really looking forward to Part 2!

  • Strong debut for both characters. Having both worked with you before on UPL, they fit right into your style immediately.
    Ubiquity was amazing, selling both the acting and the action really well. I agree with CEEJ about the knee damage. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her (surely there’s a joke in there someplace, saying that about an invisible heroine 😉 )

    Sebastian Luner was one of my favourites of the old baddies, and Arantxa totally convinces me that they’re related.

    • Thanks. Both are very good actors who can do the fighting well also, this improves any video they are in.

  • Yeah, this Jennifer/Ubiquity actress is really good at selling. She’s pretty much on point with everything. Audible reactions for selling different types of moves, facial expressions to show the effects of said moves, selling the injured knee, etc. Looking forward to more with her.

    Although, if I’m being selfish I would like to see The Duke keep his ass out of the fight and let the two ladies destroy each other, lol.

  • The Duke is hilarious ! It was smart of him to sit back and watch Ubiquity and Arantxa go at it at the beginning before joining the fight after 🙂

  • This is amazing. Especially the leg perils. I always love the damage is sustained throughout the battle.

    I hope in part 2 she’ll still have to fight with her broken leg.

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