STORY: Touching Darkness – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Captain Liberty is in the fight of her life as she takes on Acolyte. Her investigation into the end of the infection has obviously ruffled feathers in the highest echelons of power, and now she must endure and conquer the most brutal villain of them all. Acolyte’s orders are clear, to stop her. Whatever it takes. Can Captain Liberty overcome this earthbound demon?



  • …Did she just…did you…Is she…?…Daaaaaaammmnnn!
    Difficult to talk about this one without getting spoilery… except to say I loved it, and Captain Liberty gave one of her very best performances to date.
    The main story has been really cooking recently, with the Acolyte causing a serious threat to any heroine he meets.
    Great to have Miss Freedom mentioned, and to get a few answers (and maybe more questions) about the recent infected plot line.
    And a welcome surprise appearance at the end
    (no, not Miss Freedom 😉 )

    Awesome video… perhaps controversial… still in shock

  • I had a whole bunch of different ideas and theories as this was playing out…until I got to the ending. Then I had to throw it all out the window, and now I have no idea what to think anymore! Did not see any of that playing out how it did, and now I’m 100% invested in seeing where things go from here!!!

  • Wow! Unless things are very different from how they appear, there’s huge immediate fallout from this episode and some reveals and revelations that change what we (or at least I) thought was going on. Much as I’d like to, I can’t go into specifics without spoilers.
    Ongoing story entries are special for me and others I figure who’ve been following the saga of Elite Force and its members for so long, although it’s a relief that even videos like this one are enjoyable on their own without feeling like you’re missing most of the fun because you haven’t watched 100 hours of connected movies & tv shows. In this video for instance, it certainly helps to know about the infection plot that’s played out over the last couple of years and its very recent/sudden conclusion, but the details don’t matter too much. It’s nice to know who Miss Freedom is and a bit of her story, and there is a huge reveal that’s bound to have a much bigger impact if you’re a longtime fan, but you can get the gist even if you don’t have the background.
    And all that comes with a great combat sequence between Captain Liberty and the vicious Acolyte, who really holds nothing back. CL is maybe my favorite actress when it comes to losing. She’s so great at performing dazed, disoriented, weakening, desperate, maybe a little scared, the dramatic hallmarks of being defeated. And her hair has looked terrific recently. The style hasn’t changed, but it seems to have a bit more body than before and it makes a huge difference (for me, at least). Celestia will always be the queen of “awesome hair” in NGC (and she looks very awesome in the members gift), but between Solaris, Galaxia, Cap Liberty, and a few others now is a great time for heroic tresses.
    The photoset has more of that and some more of the Captain’s stellar acting. There are photo sequences here that create a sense of movement that’s very nice, and a few outdoor shots as well.

  • The plot thickens. Captain Liberty should have brought a bar of soap to wash out Acolyte’s filthy mouth 🙂 Lots of good fighting in this one ! 🙂

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