STORY: ‘Unaffiliated’ – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Miss Freedom’s attempted comeback must be squashed. That’s according to Equilibrium, and even Michael Sampson her old Elite Force ally isn’t arguing. The best way to do this? Send in the foe who humiliated her publicly the first time; the Dominator! Miss Freedom wants her film crew to stick around, but soon wishes she hadn’t as Dominator unleashes her fury once again and overpowers the once unbeatable superheroine. Can Miss Freedom make her comeback? Or will she be defeated in full, at last?


  • Great video, and wonderful to see a brand new Miss Freedom video. I’m so happy she’s still around.
    Season 1’s ‘Freedom and Truth’ is what brought me here, and I was immediately blown away by her acting. It says a lot about both you and her that you’ve been working together for that many years. And, I hope, for many more to come.
    I’m interested to see where Miss Freedom’s story goes from here.

  • This one gotta be my best purchase from NGC so far. Really love The new Dominator outfit, the twist in the end (for the true ending) and personally I would give it a 10 out of 10!

    Definitely need more of Dominator in that outfit .

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