Suggested Leader – Final Previews

Out already for our Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Majesty & Wonderstrike do full-powered battle under the watchful eye of an Elite Force assessor, supposedly to decide who will lead the super-group in future. However, all is not as it seems as the assessor uses a hypnotic ring to continually put Majesty into a trance, is Wonderstrike being favoured? Or is this all about Majesty’s weakness? Find out now… (if you open your Member email).



  • Haven’t been as regular with my NGC lately but I had to get this one, and it’s a very good time. Something for just about everyone here. Wonderstrike is wonderful, as always. And it’s fun seeing her get the upperhand. She’s just great.

    Also, getting the impression we’re going to see Majesty hypnotized more, which would be great because her facial expressions (those eyes!!) and monotone voice are *perfect*, and it’s a great foil to her physical strength and confidence.

    • Totally agree. Majesty’s performance of the hypnotism is absolutely terrific. As my screen name suggests, I love deceitful hypnotists, so this video is very much up my alley.
      I love the premise. Elite Force has always been shady and that continues here with a “leadership contest” that isn’t what it seems. The verbal jousting between Majesty and Wonderstrike is very fun and the dialogue is in-character for both. I love how WS insults Maj by calling her “brick girl.”
      Bottom line, it’s Majesty and Wonderstrike, so the fights are great and they handle everything well. I’d love to see this pair again in a story entry, putting together two more heroines who are on the case of the infected zombies.
      I sure hope no one else exploits Majesty’s weakness to hypnotism (wink.)

  • Excellent video 🙂
    Amazing performances from all involved. The action was great. As was the verbal sparring between the two heroines. Both characters are used to being the one calling the shots.
    Like everyone else, I really loved the use of hypnotism, and Majesty played it brilliantly. I also loved Wonderstrike’s reactions, as she’d briefly turn to the assessor whenever Majesty dropped her guard.
    There’s certainly sinister goings on at Elite Force 😆

    Wonderful photo-set too, with both heroines being particularly expressive alongside the action.

  • I liked this one. I thought that Wonderstrike had said ‘Brit girl’, which would be poking fun at her costume and ‘girl’ implying that she was not up to the job of being leader. This could set up future fights between superheroines 🙂 I’m wondering if Princess also has the same hypnosis weakness as Majesty. Overall, I thought that both actresses were great and even the evaluator’s acting was great too. Thanks !

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