Sun Cop – Final Previews

OUT Already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Sun Goddess Solaris means to bring down Dr Progress, who in turn isn’t ready for this new and highly-powered heroine. He even checks in with other ‘traders’ for details, but so far, she is a complete mystery. The Doctor faces some setbacks, but it isn’t long before her finds a weapon that can weaken her. With her powers disrupted, can Solaris adapt and survive the coming attack?



  • Honestly that last photo makes me wish they start a romantic arc together given they way they are looking at each other.

  • Some amazing stills yet again! 🙂

    Gah! I’ve had a power cut all day, and this is my first chance to get on here and buy it

  • Yeah, so this was a pretty awesome debut for the Solaris character. But before I go further, kudos to Dr. Progress, who is just a delightful foil for her here (every great hero needs a great villain, right?).

    I love the mystery surrounding the character. Who is she? Where did she come from? How do her powers work, and so on and so forth. There is so much potential here for stories. Like, I’m sure Killscape will want her on his team ASAP. What methods would he use to accomplish that? Does Elite Force send an emissary, and how does that meeting go? And what happens when a certain god (and his bride for that matter) catches wind of a self-proclaimed goddess on his turf (this is the most intriguing one for me, could Solaris be the one to finally take Nemesis down a peg? And how would he get revenge??? Sorry, train of thought getting carried away here). Just very excited for the potential the character represents.

    I also was a fan of the subtle naivety she shows. Like telling the Dr. she’s taking him to the police (his indignation at that is pretty great too). It felt different than when, say, Ubiquity tells a villain that, as she’s clearly the low woman on the superheroine totem pole and the police is the best she can do. Like, criminals to to the cops, thats how things work around here right? A bit of the 80’s Supergirl movie vibe. And I might be reading too much into this part, but when she’s picked up for the backbreaker, she looks around the room like “where’s he going to put me” rather than realizing it’s a go to villain finishing move.

    Anyway, I obviously enjoyed this and I would be completely shocked of Solaris wasn’t a hit with the fan base!

      • I would write my own review of this fantastic feature, but I think CEEJ already wrote it.
        All I can say after reading that is, “ditto”.
        Although I will add that I like the sexy little underhand throw she does when shoothing fireballs at Dr. Progress.
        That should be a signature move for that character, although maybe not a default one (kinda like how Wonderstrike’s blast was/is used sparingly).
        Also, I think Lady X and Patriot Girl definately have some competition from Solaris, concerning the best “Lying-on-the-floor-unconscious” award goes.
        Overall, as Ceej said, thoroughly enjoyed this movie and look forward to many more appearances from Solaris.

  • Considering that this is her 2nd vid, the Solaris actress’s acting was good. Her and Dr Progress were funny (in a good way). I would have liked to see Solaris heat her body to burn Dr Progress whenever he tried to hold her up or hold onto her. Her and Princess probably have the nicest hair at NGC. Looking forward to more Solaris vids ! The Behind the scenes vid of Deceptress and Requiem was great too! 🙂

  • Wow! Spectacular!!!
    I went into this with high expectations, due to loving her over at ActionCosplay, and all the amazing previews and the awesome trailer this week, but I think you all went and exceeded my expectations.

    I loved it from beginning to end. This video ticked so many of my boxes.
    The character concept, costume, and actress are all so perfectly in tune. She already feels fully formed.
    I’m certain she’ll be a fan favourite. I’m already adding her to my list.
    Just like in the days of Athena, there’s an added layer of humiliation when a “goddess” gets in over her head.

    As for Dr. Progress, he’s been a favourite of mine ever since I first saw him in “Villain’s Accomplice”. He never fails to entertain.

    I really hope the video, and the jaw-dropping photo-set, are the big sellers they deserve to be… because I want to see a LOT more of Solaris

    Thanks guys

  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Man, believe the hype! This is a terrific new heroine. Like Bleh above, I could just say “ditto” to the raves already posted, but I’ll add to the stack instead.
    I get tired of writing it, but NGC’s casting has been tremendous the last few years. It can’t be too easy to find beautiful and competent actresses able to put themselves in the headspace for this kind of production, but Andrew keeps finding them. I don’t think this performance was “perfect” or anything, I have similar critiques as I did of her Action Cosplay debut, but it’s her first appearance as this character, so imagine how great she’ll be after a bit of experience.
    Ordinarily I’m anti-cape, but the cape actually suits this costume and heroine. She acquitted herself well as the latest Supremacy in AC, but I love the new character here. An unknown–not Elite Force or a Guardian, a new player. She’s clearly on the side of good, but I wonder how she’ll align in the grand scheme of things. The Guardians are nominally heroines, but who knows what Killscape’s ultimate goals for them are? Elite Force have been “our heroines” since the beginning, but they’ve been scandal and betrayal-plagued throughout their history, so it’s easy to see how an outsider could be skeptical of them. I think it’d be fun to see some friction among the good gals.
    Solaris is clearly powerful, she had the upper hand until Progress blasted her, but isn’t entirely invulnerable. Still, she has a terrifically casual way with hurling those “sun-bolts” or whatever that makes her seem more “divine.”
    Really lovely knockouts, and her defiant expressions and exclamations (“I won’t be defeated!”) and that final look of surrender in the lose ending were exquisite.
    Spectacular photoset as well.

    • Thanks for this. All the comments from buyers have pleased me in enjoying the video and understanding the deep end we throw these actresses into. I’m very confident she can be a great addition longer term. As far as her power, I will say that on the script at least it is called a ‘Solar Flare’.

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