Super-Bluebird: More Previews

Out TOMORROW for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘The First Day of 100 Years’ sees Super-Bluebird go first after Alaric in order to get information about the Crown Prince. When his majesty interrupts her, Bluebird thinks she has the upper-hand. At this point Nemesis is introduced, and what follows might possibly be Bluebird’s worst ever defeat. The consequences of it being utterly dire. Open your emails tomorrow!


  • Photo #7 = the Charlie McCarthy. “Say hi to the nice people, Bluebird.” 🙂

    Photo #10: for my money, no one in the game today sells peril better with her eyes than Bluebird.

    COVID’s put a pinch on the wallet lately, but I’ll rob a bank if I have to in order to pick this up this weekend. 🙂

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