Super-Marvelette Photo Set

Also coming to on Friday we have a Super-Marvelette Photo Set of posed and action shots. 70 in total. Nemesis grants Marvelette the powers (and costume) of Supremacy, is she tough enough to take him on?


  • orcaman001 says:

    I am very curious on this I notice from the preview of the photo set that she is adapting the (super Punch from Miss Freedoms style) I notice looking back at those that they always seem to be from the same Angle, probalby for the selling aspect, but there has to be other ways to shoot that scene? in this photo set any shots ofhere in her Marvelette outfit or is that being kept for another bonus bundle ?

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      @orcaman001 – It is the best angle, the only other option is to reverse it, and then you’d just see the heroine from behind and villain from the front. The only costume in this set is the one shown here.

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