OUT NOW: Alaric v Deja Vu

OUT NOW at – Deja Vu makes her long-awaited return to action, and what could be harder than the arch-villain ‘Alaric The Great’ in a 10-count KO challenge? The odds might be stacked against her, but her mysterious power could make all the difference.

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Alaric v Deja Vu: More Previews

This Friday at – Deja Vu is back and going to be tested like nothing before. She’s already met some highly-charged Darkhearts, but now she faces their leader Alaric in the Championship! The battle stipulations are simple; a 10 count KO to win. However, with her amazing ability of recall and shifting back in […]

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Alaric v Deja Vu: 1st Previews

This FRIDAY at – Deja Vu makes her long-awaited return to action, and boy is this a tough assignment! She takes on the arch-villain ‘Alaric The Great’, known for his many conquests of heroines. Deja isn’t fazed however and bravely sets about the villainous beast against the odds. Can her amazing and as yet […]

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The Bluebird Show – Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members who read their emails, and Sunday on this website… ‘The Bluebird Show’ see the Blue Beauty fall for a villainous ruse to get her on camera against her nemesis Alaric once more. Unready for the fight, our heroine is completely crushed in what can only be described as a ‘Knock-out Festival’. […]

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The Bluebird Show – More Previews

OUT TOMORROW for Members, Sunday for everyone else… Bluebird thinks that the Heroine Network have given her a prime-time show where she gets to talk about her amazing victories and meet with friends… But it all goes wrong when the first mystery guest is her nemesis Alaric. He has a strange liquid that he’d like […]

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