Artwork: Deceptress in Distress

A big ‘Thank You’ to our friend Kostmeyer for doing this lovely bit of artwork for us. I say ‘lovely’, it doesn’t look like Erica is enjoying it much but either way I’m grateful. Good job. If you want to see more of his work then check out his DeviantArt page.

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Miss Freedom the Mighty

To celebrate our huge new Miss Freedom Episode release, our friend Kostmeyer did a lovely piece of artwork that I think is fabulous. He’s done quite a bit for us so it would be cool if you’d look at his NGC page here:

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Fan Art: Angel in the Heavens

Here’s some great fan art done by our pal Cloudkicker. Angel looks like she’s up in heaven… not exactly sure if that’s where she belongs. Thanks to Cloudkicker and you can see more of his work at:

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Athena Art!

A big thank you to our friend Kostmeyer who provided us with some lovely Athena art. Here our mighty heroine appears to be in a sewer fending off some tentacled beast. The resemblance is quite striking, a pity we never made this one for real. The lady herself had this to say when I showed […]

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Magenta Art by Kostmeyer

Some amazing Magenta artwork by Kostmeyer, it really looks like her! If anyone does some NGC artwork please get in touch so I can highlight it here. Kostmeyer’s DeviantArt Page

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