The Bluebird Show – Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members who read their emails, and Sunday on this website… ‘The Bluebird Show’ see the Blue Beauty fall for a villainous ruse to get her on camera against her nemesis Alaric once more. Unready for the fight, our heroine is completely crushed in what can only be described as a ‘Knock-out Festival’. […]

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Photo Of The Day: July 13th

She’s back in the action, and this one turns into a Knock-out festival! OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website!

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The Bluebird Show – More Previews

OUT TOMORROW for Members, Sunday for everyone else… Bluebird thinks that the Heroine Network have given her a prime-time show where she gets to talk about her amazing victories and meet with friends… But it all goes wrong when the first mystery guest is her nemesis Alaric. He has a strange liquid that he’d like […]

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The Bluebird Show – Trailer

Out on Friday for Members, and Sunday for everyone else… Bluebird has been given her own TV show by the Heroine Network, where she gets to answer questions about her amazing victories and chat to guests. Her first guest is…. Her arch-nemesis Alaric! Oh dear.

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The Bluebird Show – 1st Previews

The Heroine Network appears to have commissioned a new show: ‘The Bluebird Show’ – Where everyone’s favourite heroine answers your questions and chats to guests. In this pilot episode the guest is a mystery, and an enthusiastic Bluebird can’t wait to see who it is… Oh dear.   Out on Friday for members, Sunday on […]

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