Story: Two Prisons – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members and Sunday on this website. ‘Two Prisons’ stars Erica AKA The Deceptress in another major bind. This time taking on the mesmeric Violetta. This dangerous villain can invade the mind of her prey and cause vivid and harmful hallucinations. She has used her tricks on Miss Freedom during her captivity in […]

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Story: Two Prisons – More Previews

‘Two Prisons’ continues our story as Erica tries to get more clues about the disappearance of Elite Force heroines, and general goings-on. She runs into Violetta who provides a certain amount of clarity but also desires the Deceptress for her collection as an item to trade. The 7th Dimension market in superheroines is booming right […]

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Story: Two Prisons – Trailer

This is the trailer for this weekend’s release: ‘Two Prisons’ starring The Deceptress as she takes on the very dangerous Violetta, a villainess that Miss Freedom and Angel know a lot about.

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Story: Two Prisons – 1st Previews

Erica is determined to get to the bottom of where various team-mates have disappeared to. For the time-being it appears that she and Miss Freedom have agreed a strategy for this. Part one is Erica visiting the place Miss Freedom was captive. There she finds Violetta, the ultra-violent mesmerist. Is the Deceptress prepared for a […]

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