Test Subjects – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this site… Majesty II has taken her older sister’s advice and chosen the mantle of Princess. It suits a girl like her far better after all, but immediately she’s in deep trouble as along with Wonderstrike, she’s been kidnapped! Held in seemingly a giant white box, the two heroines must do whatever their new scientific overlords at Ignus Labs command, and the worst thing of all is, they can’t help themselves! Watch as two powerful heroines are forced to smash each other to pieces, all in the name of science!


  • I really loved this one. While the fight was nice, it was the interactions in between the combat that I enjoyed the most (and the setting was pretty cool). Just having a general sense of peril, from knowing they had been kidnapped and having no control over the situation at all, really helped to up the stakes a bit. Also, shout out to the newly monikered Princess for her facial expressions during the portion of the fight where she was in control, really did a stellar job of conveying how she was not in control of her actions.

    2 thumbs up!

  • Another awesome video. Like CEEJ said, they did a great job selling the fact that they couldn’t control their actions, particularly Princess’s grimaces as she smacked Wonderstrike around.
    The white room is a cool idea, and I can see a variety of fun scenarios taking place in there (just like the recent Captain Liberty 2 parter)
    If Ubiquity were ever put in there, her white costume would make it so she’d be nearly invisible for real 😆

  • Agree with the above, this is a great video. Extremely enjoyable. Wonderstrike and Princess have good chemistry together (as they did in their last team-up) and I’m a huge fan of this kind of scenario. The white room effect is tremendously effective at creating a unique, out-of-the-ordinary setting. Wonderstrike looks especially spectacular against the super-bright background (and I love her hair!)
    I’m really enjoying Ignus Labs as the latest adversarial organization facing our heroines. Equilibrium (and the 7th Dimension to some extent) subtly reduced the heroines to “things”, dehumanizing them, and Ignus’ highly clinical, detached attitude toward heroines as they’re subjecting them to one indignity after another takes that to another level.

  • Wonderstrike and Princess are great ! There was a spooky / horror element as well as, despite being super powerful, neither could escape the room and were both being reduced to lab rats to be experimented on. The gas attack at the end was a nice bonus too ! 🙂

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