The Old Enemy – Final Previews

OUT TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Miss Freedom falls into a waiting trap as her hated arch-Nemesis John Roman intercepts her attempt at infiltrating his organisation. Dressed as a secretary going for a job interview, the glasses and office attire do little to disguise the mighty superheroine, her unmistakable blonde hair and shape a dead giveaway. John makes the most of his chance to humble Miss Freedom and turn her into the kind of subordinate he believes she should always have been.


  • This one was great. Something for everyone, and MF’s acting is so good and particularly on display in these kinds of episodes. The drama between her and John is great after all these years. I personally would love one or two more lines of mind controlled dialogue, but I know that’s my own tastes, haha. I do like the idea that MF could be used as an obedient sleeper agent in a future non-canon… 😉 All in all, first episode I could pick up in a bit and very pleased!

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