The Spoils of Chaos – Part 2: Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Spoils of Chaos – Part 2’ sees Ubiquity trapped in a torturous stasis field, surrounded by enemies delighted to do her harm. Arantxa is fearful the heroine knows too much about her plans, but rather than kill Ubiquity, she attempts a mind-wipe, which would not only solve the problem, but provide Arantxa with a handy invisible slave. Meanwhile, The Duke takes part, but he hasn’t yet dedicated himself to the cause.


  • Loved it!
    Ubiquity and Arantxa are both great new additions to the cast. They both fit in so seamlessly that it’s easy to forget this is only their second video (not counting UPL).

    Ubiquity’s acting was amazing throughout, perfectly selling the reactions to the torture and the beating, as well as her glee when she found herself with the upper hand. And she handled the action brilliantly. Definitely looking forward to more from her.
    It was also interesting comparing the Duke’s more sinister performance this week with his lighter, more fun performance in last weeks video. The fact that the tone of your videos can be so different from one week to the next is something I love. Keeps things fresh.

    • Thanks for that. Yes, I like that we can do dark and light stuff in the same space. I wouldn’t wish to only do one thing over and over.

  • Ok, thoughts after just watching this:

    The beginning section with Ubiquity in the stasis field was just sensational! Loved every bit about that. I’ve been reading up through the bios in the last couple of days, and she seems like she’s going to be a favorite going forward. I love the concept of and underpowered heroine going up against much stronger foes ( while both the Duke and Arantxa have much higher power ratings, I’d love to see how she’d fare against a heavy hitter like the Anvil or Sister Fate). Interesting notes in there on how her powers sometimes drops unexpectedly too. Can’t wait to see more of her!

    And props to our villains as well. Arantxa is going to make a great foil for Ubiquity, and The Duke, I finally realized why I like that character, he not only looks like a friend of mine, but kind of acts like him too (ha)!

    • I hadn’t realized Ubiquity had a bio page yet, but I just checked it out and I like her combination of idealism (cops’ daughter, CIA prospect), interesting power (more than invisibility, it seems), and high intelligence but limited physical strength. Valuable asset, but lots of potential for trouble.
      Her being from working class Pittsburgh, she should drop a bit of Allegheny slang now and then: “Yinz are going to jail, ya jagoffs!”

  • I watched part 1 of this one to refresh my memory of where we were, but the biggest effect it had was to remind me how excited I am about the new heroine and villainess. They’re both just as impressive in the second part, and I’m looking forward to seeing these two again. Of course, each week now holds the promise of getting to see a brand new heroine in action, and the new talent have all been fantastic.
    The last few story episodes have made it clear that plans are in motion for something big. Apparently there’s something out there making zombies (or raving assailants who get stronger each time you put them down!) and a gestating plot to manufacture a crisis as a means of control. Lots of trouble on the horizon for a cast of mostly fresh recruits.
    I absolutely love the way Ubiquity fights. One thing a lot of my favorites (Wonderstrike, Captain Liberty, Lady Victory) have in common is they really seem to enjoy it when they’re winning, and that’s certainly true of this new heroine. Love her “peril” acting as well. There’s a beautifully performed moment when she’s suspended in the air, villains choking her out together, and she’s on the edge of passing out.
    Gorgeous photoset as well.

  • Phenomenal film. Ubiquity is my favourite of the new batch of heroines. Aside from looking spectacular, the way she sells the fight choreography is absolutely amazing – in fact credit to all of the performers here – there was a real sense of weight and energy which you don’t see in every film. I loved the development of the storyline although I felt it ended too soon! We needed an epilogue to pay off at least one of the mysteries that this film raised I think – lots was hinted at which seeds further stories but I’ll admit to being a bit disappointed that we got more hints and suggestions than development of a new character – Ubiquity is still in the ‘loads of potential’ category rather than ‘fascinating character’ at the moment for me. We only met her one film ago and already we have her powers being messed with in unexplained and unexplored ways (I won’t say more – no spoilers) and I kind of felt we needed a bit more of that – but if the next film posts very soon I think I’ll get over it!

    One other thing that I’d love to see is some kind of baton-passing from the old heroines to the new – if that isn’t possible because the actresses are no longer available, some more direct reference to the previous cast from the new to keep those strong storyline continuities going.

    Anyway – amazing film 😀

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this video has “sleeper excellent” written all over it. I mostly bought for the prospect of the mindwipe, and while… occurred, I was super impressed and pleased with the entire video! Others have mentioned already, but I really feel like the fight choreography has jumped up a few notches in the last few months or so.

    If I had one gripe, and believe me it’s the teeniest tiniest of gripes, is that I kind of wished Ubiquity would have walked back in through the door of her “own” accord and pledged herself to Arantxa and Duke at the end. But like I said, I was really pulling for the mindwipe. Great video overall! Super impressed! Keep up the stellar work!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I think when it comes to the quality of fighting we are trying different ways to do it, but all credit should go to performers. It’s fair to say that some are more experienced than others, and it is our job to get the most out of each person’s individual skill. In this instance we’re talking about very experienced people, so we couldn’t mess it up. Anyone who saw these 2 actresses fight in UPL will know what I mean. There’s more to it than getting the moves right, with experience comes intensity, and all the moments between the moves.

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