The Wrath of Lady Nemesis – Final Previews

Out TODAY for Members, Sunday on this website… Alias has her first battle, and let’s be honest, it won’t be the dream start she hoped for. Her good work in a drugs bust counts for nothing and she is flattened by the brutal ‘Lady Nemesis’. Can Alias find a power to counter this devastating foe? It doesn’t look likely.


  • Very much enjoyed this! Nice job. Look forward to seeing more from Alias; the actress is quite good. Only minor quibble would be that the ending seemed very rushed. Also would have liked to have seen a wider shot during the KO sequence. But I’m sure she will have plenty more adventures to come.

  • Great video! Alias lived up to all my expectations (which were very high, as you probably guessed by now). She looked amazing in all three costumes.
    I loved Lady Nemesis too. Can’t wait to see more of both of them.
    I like the sound of the “dungeon of punishment” 😀 I hope that’s something we’re going to get to see

  • I REALLY loved this video! Alias is an INSTANT hit! I can’t wait to see whom else’s powers and costumes she can use. <3

  • Now we have a character whose purpose is to recycle old and dearly missed costumes! (although the only retired costume in this case was Angel´s)
    Looking forward to see what else she brings to her next fight! (Even if I don´t know if some of my favourites such as Magenta or Suki´s second costume are still sround I´m sure there are plenty of great options for her!)

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