TRANSFORM: Control Freak – Final Previews

OUT ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Control Freak’ has Patriot-Girl put in a transforming spin by the Dark God Nemesis, resulting in many KO’s and disastrous humiliations. Of course, she expected a cakewalk, after all, she is Patriot-Girl… Unfortunately for her, everything goes wrong!


  • Incredible video!
    Patriot-Girl’s performance is sensational. Starting off with that delightful arrogance, that she always pitches note-perfect, which is, of course, open invitation for Nemesis to tear her right down. Nemesis is clearly having a lot of fun, and toying with her, while she’s powerless to do much against him, as her arrogance gives way to realization.

    Of course, the action was amazing, with a few unique touches (like the part where she really does need glasses 😀 ) and the dialogue was a whole lot of fun (especially the discussion about the Union flag costume).
    And Patriot-Girl looked stunning in every outfit, which can be particularly enjoyed in the accompanying photo-set

  • I can only say this: best Patriot Girl video to date. Great dialogue and acting, excellent fight sequences, solid story, and the usual stellar camera work. This was by far the actress who portrays Patriot Girl’s best performance to date, and that’s saying something as she always gives a great performance. She also looked fantastic in all of her costumes, and her feet looked splendid in the rebooted sequences. Excellent video!

    • That’s good to hear, she had already given herself a high bar to get over, but you may well be right. An excellent effort from her.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    I think I’m in love. What an actress. What a performer. There’s no such thing as pure objectivity in this genre but in my eyes, she’s the best and it’s not even close anymore. If she stared in a video every other week at this point there STILL wouldn’t be enough Patriot Girl for me.

    In this video there were five costume swaps resulting in five separate beat down sequences. Each punctuated with a knockout and I have a hard time picking which sequence is my favorite. They all were good! And that’s not hyperbole. She looked amazing in every costume she wore and performed equally as well in all of them.

    And this film has a little bit of everything in it. Mind control? Few may debate if that actually was the case but given that it was Nemesis who forced Patriot Girl to change costume (with the poor heroine helpless to stop it) that counts as mind control in my book. Face punching, stomach punches, bear hugs, chokes, knockouts? All check. She even fights, or rather gets demolished, barefooted for a time being, which I’ll admit seemed out of place but none the less she looked great all the same.

    I certainly can spend paragraphs after paragraphs after paragraphs espousing all the virtues of this actress’s ability to make Patriot Girl look utterly hapless and pathetic when receiving a beatdown but suffice to say, she’s just amazing in this regard. Cain’s list was such a stunning performance and this is equally as great. She’s got such great variety to her cries especially during the power girl segment when she was receiving multiple stomach blows. The “oofs” she gave which doubling over were tremendous. Her expressions all throughout were fantastic.

    And can we talk about her acting in the traditional sense for a minute? That first sequence was gold. Everything else in between was pure magic. She just does an incredible job portraying Patriot Girl in all her cocky, self assured, slightly stuck up glory and I cannot get enough of it.

    My only gripe (and it’s a minor one) is that the final scene should have been different. Given that Patriot Girl was defeated and going to be sold off to the human trafficking ring (spoilers I guess but c’mon guys. It’s a Nemesis video. What do you think would happen? She would win? Ha!), there should have been a final scene of her in chains or carted off. Instead, Nemesis just disappears with his quarry after knocking her out. However, that’s a small gripe. Hardly takes anything away from the performance that she gave or the video itself.

    Again, I think this genre is fairly subjective so take things like the “best video” with a grain of salt, but this is going down as one of the best videos of this year for me. Second only to “Cain’s Checklist: Patriot Girl” staring her as well. Hey look at that. She’s in that too. Must be a pattern.

  • This is awesomely perfect, Patriot-Girl bare foot (for the first time as far as I remember at NGC/Action Cosplay!) with her original Patriot-Girl costume! I will always love it! Hope there will be more like that for all characters in the future!

    Interestingly just noticed that our beloved goddess Patriot-Girl’s first initials (PG) is the same with Pee-Gee (Power Girl) :))

  • I like that PG’s objection to the Princess costume was that she was “Patriot-Girl” and that meant she had to be American and not English. How much chauvinism can you cram into one statement?
    Of course, I had no objections to the Princess costume or any of the others that she sports in this video. PG has to be my current favorite heroine for costume switching, rivaled only by Majesty, who demonstrates how great she looks in everything in the members gift.
    Not much else to say that hasn’t been said, there’s plenty of knockouts if you like that kind of thing (I do) and PG has a gift for performing those as well. Again, rivaled only by Majesty I think. Those two should meet, it’d be epic, like Operation Strikeback (another pairing of PG and a top heroine.)

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