TRANSFORM: Darkhearts Awake – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else… In “Darkhearts Awake,” Captain Liberty, posing as a reporter, infiltrates the Darkhearts’ lair, but her daring ruse swiftly crumbles. Nancy Blackwood, the cunning new leader, sees through the disguise, leading to a brutal clash. Captain Liberty’s strength wanes mysteriously, adding to her plight. Even after transforming into her heroic form, she’s mercilessly overpowered. Nancy relishes the victory, broadcasting Captain Liberty’s crushing defeat to the Elite Force, amplifying the heroine’s peril and setting up a tantalizing conflict.


  • Excellent video!
    It goes without saying that Captain Liberty was fantastic – but I’ll say it anyway: she was fantastic, as she always is. She looked amazing in both outfits, and there was a good chunk of the action in each outfit.

    But oh wow! Nancy Blackwood. What an amazing, twisted and entertaining new villainess she is. She really chewed the scenery with her performance. Her look is cool and eccentric, and occasionally a little scary (it’s amazing what a little makeup in the corners of the mouth can do to someone, but she was quite chilling when she bore her teeth). And some very cool tricks up her sleeves.

    The action, oh the action. It was fast and fierce!

    You often make good use of height differences, with heroines going up against bigger, more imposing villains. What was cool here is you did the opposite, with Captain Liberty towering over her opponent. I actually really loved that dynamic, of the heroine being on the receiving end of a brutal beatdown from someone significantly smaller than her. I liked the switch.

    Really looking forward to seeing much, much, much more of Nancy in the future.

  • Some interesting catfight words used by Nancy in this one: Wench and I think she also said b*tch. I like that Nancy looks like a spooky heavy metal singer. The fighting was good and there was some restraints too. Overall a great vid !

  • Archie Cook says:

    Agree with Guido84 smaller opponent loosing to smaller opponent whether villain or superheroine more often my favorite match was confidence trick with original bluebird

  • I’m finding that the fighting is more exciting and brutal when Captain Liberty features in the video. This was another excellent movie where she took a beating but acted the part so convincingly. I love it when she stands dazed and almost not knowing where she is after a hit. It was also nice to see her taking a beating in her civvies in which she looked very sexy in.

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