TRANSFORM: Darkhearts Awake – Trailer

Out on Friday for Member, Sunday on this website… In “Transform: Darkhearts Awake,” Captain Liberty, disguised as a reporter, infiltrates the Darkhearts’ lair. Her plan fails as Nancy Blackwood sees through the ruse, leading to a fierce battle. Despite transforming, Captain Liberty is overpowered and her defeat is broadcast, highlighting her peril and setting up a dire conflict.


  • Oh man this looks like it’s going to be INCREDIBLE! And it also looks like there’s a good amount of fighting in the civilian outfit which I love, just like Villan’s Accomplice. This has potential to be on my top list!

  • I may be biased, as a huuuuge Captain Liberty fan, but this looks amazing!!!
    A new dangerous and unpredictable villainess. Plenty of pre-transform action. Cool effects on Captain Liberty going grey (but not in that way 😉 ). And it looks very intense

    Can’t wait 🙂

  • Ginaaaaaaa says:

    Wow, what a powerful push I saw in the skin or cover of this video, heavy bear submission. We have to see how this newcomer works with Captain Liberty, now we have to see this fight. I will definitely see it.

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