TRANSFORM: In Harm’s Way – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘In Harm’s Way’ puts Ubiquity in harm’s way, as she is misused by an Elite Force in disarray to go undercover and tackle a powerful new adversary. She is without question the wrong heroine for the job, and when further Elite Force failings cause her to blow cover and improvise, we see just what happens when the wrong heroine is pitted against the worst villain. Ubiquity’s bravery is not in question, but that doesn’t stop the Iron Mistress making her pay a heavy price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


  • Awesome!
    Amazing action and performances from both actresses. Ubiquity is fantastic, as always. Her reactions as she takes the beating are incredible. The costume change was very early, which was a shame. It would have been nice to see some action in it, but it was still a treat to see her wearing it again. In fact, she looks stunning in this whole video (and she really suits those glasses)
    And it’s always a pleasure when the baddie brings along some restraints 😆

    Ah, the Iron Mistress. As one of the members who campaigned to get this actress back, I’ve got to say… she makes an awesome villainess! 😀 A very different kind of performance from when she played Power Woman, but still just as entertaining. The faces she made throughout really showed how much she was relishing sadistically toying with Ubiquity. She’s definitely believable as a super-strong baddie. But it’s not just played as a brute. She shows cunning and intelligence (the part where she’s talking to Ubiquity about why Elite Force sent her. Quite a taunt guaranteed to get under the heroines skin)
    While I was initially taken aback at the idea of her playing a villain, I’m now totally sold. (Though the occasional Power Woman video over at AC would still be nice… or failing that, maybe some photo-sets )
    Heroine or villain, I’m still smitten 🙂
    I look forward to see her bothering more heroines in the future.

    Oooh, that voice on the phone was creepy! Could that possibly be this Baron we’ve been hearing about?

    The huge photo-set is not to be missed either. Lots of gorgeous shots of both ladies, and some great action

    • Charlie Zeng says:

      Gotta agree that these pair of glasses really add so many layers of appeal to Ubiquity, which are stylic and which fit Ubiquity too well to be missed. Who would’ve thought one could get attracted to a pair of glasses and become a loyal fan of her because of simply that? It was me to a gorgeous glassed-Ubiquity in this video. It would be really nice if could keep these on as her civilian clothes, which is both in line with her power-setting of invisibility, and her need to still socialize in civilian life as a setting.

  • I think this might be my favorite Ubiquity solo Ubiquity video yet! For my money, I’m glad to have this actress as Iron Mistress. She’s an enthusiastic baddie, savoring her line readings and is very physically imposing against the slight Ubiquity. I love her soliloquy toward the end, breaking down how overmatched Ubiquity is, so much so that it seems like she was set up to get crushed.
    Ubiquity’s a terrific performer for a one-sided beatdown like this. It’s not quite a squash, but Ubiquity gets plenty of chances to demonstrate her gifts at acting in various states of distress. Once again, I felt myself really feeling for the plucky invisible girl who’s always getting beaten like a drum. And yes, it was nice to see her in that outfit harkening back to Jennifer in UPL.

    • And always the bravo goes for the ultra-enthusiastic and sadistic baddie imposing woman, whether for being Power-Woman or Iron Mistress

    • Yes she’s a really strong actress which is very helpful, and good at fighting, so excellent to work with. We like to have a bit of fun with the transform clothes if we can… often they’re not very different in style to their heroic costumes.

  • The Iron Mistress’s acting is great ! Guess she is the new Iron Lady now 🙂 Lots of good fight scenes. The ‘little ghost’ never had a chance. Nice restraints in the vid. The BTS vid of Celestia ( in restraints too ) with Sister Fate was great too ! 🙂

  • This is why Ubiquity is my favorite heroine. Just constantly overmatched in every encounter (which I loved the villain pointing out btw) but tries to bravely fight her way out anyway. Speaking of, tremendous debut for the new Iron Mistress character. Gleefully evil, and fills that powerhouse female role thats been absent for awhile like Myanna’s or Sister Fate before her. Also, cool set up to the video as well with the idea of a mole inside Elite Force.

    • I’m glad that you enjoy Ubiquity, she has a pretty hard time, but very brave and righteous! Also pleased how Iron Mistress turned out.

    • “…tremendous debut for the new Iron Mistress character. Gleefully evil, and fills that powerhouse female role thats been absent for awhile like Myanna’s or Sister Fate before her.”

      I thought something similar, while watching that, but I was thinking maybe closer to Katia or Delilah Crunch…or even Miss Suppression.

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