TRANSFORM: Interview With A Dominator – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website… Majesty and Dominator duke it out in a TRANSFORM special as our heroine tries to entrap the toughest villainess around. It’s going to be wild!


  • Overall, another excellent video! The actress playing Majesty is cute as a button, especially in her civilian guise, and the Dominator is..well…dominating through a good portion of the video. Must say, for my part (and not wanting to give much away), I preferred this video’s alternate ending, but fans that either like their heroine to come out on top (after a brutal beat down) or wish to see her crushed will not be disappointed. Excellent acting by both ladies, and good fight choreography once again. Thanks for making another Friday special, NGC!

    • I’d like to ask if there is a lot of facepunches in this video. Facepunches are by far my favotire fight strikes in a F/F video, can’t get enough of them especially if a heroine beauty like Majesty is on the receiving end. I know i’m in a minotiry with such tastes as it seems the majority prefer backbending, but as someone whop has a bad backmyself and needed 4 spinal surgeries, backbreaks in a fight can be PTSD inducing. Thanks in advance.

  • Majesty’s a pretty nice girl, but she doesn’t have a lot to say…
    Fortunately, “Delores Audacity” actually does have some things to say, although she’s a pretty poor journalist. Nevertheless, her return is cause for celebration! In fact, I think Majesty should appear in civilian disguise in every video. I actually like her normal regalia, but her cover outfits so far have been terrific and every time I see her in another heroine’s costume (like Athena a couple weeks ago) I wonder whether there’s not a better look for her.
    The Dominator does us the favor of interrupting her transformation (I always like it when the heroines fight for a bit out of costume) and they seem pretty evenly matched at first, until the villainess lands a devastating two-handed knockout blow (Majesty’s pass-out here is truly magisterial; she regularly finds inventive, appealing ways to perform the simple act of falling unconscious.) After she transforms, Majesty seems more than a match for the Dominator, but it doesn’t matter as she expertly punishes our queen with debilitating moves intended to wear her down. There are two endings, sure to satisfy whichever combatant you’d like to see prevail.
    Majesty has become my favorite squash target; she’s sublimely pitiful in defeat.
    “The Season of Domination” has the sound of a series, and given last weekend’s teaser of her stalking Wonderstrike, it sounds like the Dominator will be going on a mission to tear through heroines like a child through gift wrap. I could not be happier to see more of possibly the best all-around performer among NGC villainesses taking on everybody.
    Some of the music in this one sounds new to me, but sounds great!

  • To quote Austin Powers, “Who throws a shoe? Honestly!” 😆

    Great video. Awesome action, just as we’d expect from NGC. Special props to the Majesty actress for acting out an arm injury for the latter half of the video, considering the amount of punishment Dominator concentrated on that arm. She even does a rather impressive one-armed re-booting (that’s right. in this video, not only does 33SP gets his de-booting fun, but also I get a rare re-booting 😀 )
    And as someone equally happy seeing the heroine win or lose, I really loved both endings.

    Away from the action, the interview scene was a lot of fun. I’ve just recently finished catching up on all the UPL videos, so it was nice to see Majesty pull a bit of a “Polly Lovelyface”.
    I also enjoyed all the references to Miss Freedom (only natural with Dominator) and a nice reminder that she’s still out there, fighting crime sans powers.

      • Apologies 🙂

        Yes, very novel. The only other rebooting I can think of (off the top of my head) is Deceptress in “Punch Drunk”. There may be others
        I recall it used to happen all the time in the old “Daredoll Dilemmas” videos 😀

        • Damn, Daredoll Dilemmas really takes me back. I completely misunderstood those videos when I ws younger, expecting action or drama when it was really pulp peril trying to emulate the 60´s and 70´s superhero shows.

          Luckily for me new producers catered to my more action oriented tastes ^^

  • Miss Freedom will never get respect at NGC 🙂 It was good that the Majesty actress had a chance to act more. The Dominator also was great,especially her facial expressions. Dominator’s confidence shows up when she doesn’t even bother to finish off Majesty when Majesty was down. Overall a great video ! 🙂

  • Damn I don´t remember the villain steeping on the hand of the heroine since Deja Vu´s debut! Nce move, it was missed, love the variety!

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