TRANSFORM: Private Destruction – Final Previews

OUT NOW for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… ‘Private Destruction’ sees Captain Liberty’s plan for defeating Alaric turn into a disaster. This fight is absolutely terrific and one of the best videos we’ve produced in at least this year or longer. The Captain and Alaric go full throttle throughout, after her plan and his counter offer have been laid out of course. Will her Elite Force team-mates be able to rescue her?


  • Every bit as good as you said!
    Captain Liberty continues her run of amazing videos. After Iron Rampage, Special Measures, The Announcement, and now this… I don’t think I’ve any choice but to call her my new favourite.
    The acting was top notch. The action was fast paced and brutal. She gave plenty, as well as took it…. but boy did she take it!
    Brilliant! 🙂

  • “…fast paced and brutal…” definitely! Magnificent video, a real landmark in Cap Liberty’s growing catalog of excellence.
    There’s so much to praise here I’m not sure where to start. Both performers are fantastic and give their all. CL will get much of the attention (how could she not?) but here’s yet another marvelous turn by Alaric, who still has secrets to reveal even after all this time. One thing I loved (slight spoiler) is that when Alaric is choking the Captain near the end of the battle, she knows what he’s thinking and feeling, since he’d just described the experience of doing the same to Bluebird just moments before.
    Another wonderful moment: Alaric is breaking CL across one of the beams, and between labored gulps of air she cries “help…” knowing that no one can help her. This video also features one of the best grapples I’ve seen in some time, shot from a variety of angles and packed with drama.
    Alaric executes a backbreaker on the heroine, of course, but the first time he does it she’s completely unconscious and doesn’t revive until he’s lifted her again, just in time for him to repeat it. Not sure I’ve seen that before, but it was a great touch.
    The photoset is exceptional as well.

    The members gift is three full minutes of Celestia-as-Supergirl greatness. I really wish I could hear what she was saying! Now, of course, I want BTS videos of every actress who’s done a SG photoshoot (especially Starshot and Wonderstrike!)

    • Yes, as I say, one of my favourites because I really enjoyed the dialogue part, and then the fighting is really on a very good level. I’d like to hit these heights every week, not easy though, or I would!

  • The acting in this one by Captain Liberty and Alaric was really good, especially the first 5 minutes. Was never sure if Alaric was tricked or if he thought something did not look right and played along hoping to snag another superheroine 🙂

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