TRANSFORM: Redstone Liberation – Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… Lady X and Shining Spirit return to the TRANSFORM series in an undercover effort to relieve Reggie from his Redstone. It isn’t stealing when Superheroines do it. Reggie sees through the deception however, and decides to try out some of his new toys on the heroic duo. Even if they manage to escape, they have to contend with the power of the stone, a power greater than theirs combined! Will they prevail? Or be finished by Redstone power?


  • The best new KO in some time: the double head squeeze. If you don’t have enough horespower to pull off the Iron Claw, go with two hands for great results!

  • Fantastic video! A terrific pairing of Lady X and Shining Spirit with excellent action and fight choreography, terrific storyline and dialogue, and some great humorous moments thrown in with the banter between the two heroines as well as their superior opponent. These ladies gave it their all in this video, and it shows. Another great Friday release, and yet another Lady X treasure….I hope she continues to stay with NGC for the foreseeable future, as she is simply beyond fantastic!

  • Loved it!!! 😀
    Lady X and Shining Spirit made a perfect double-act. They’ve appeared together in a few videos before now, but in this one they’re in full “Buddy Cop movie” territory. Their banter is really fun, and the facial expressions they share are a joy to watch. They both look to be having a ball.

    Given the story events of ‘Adjustments’, this one seems like a flashback to an earlier time when the Guardian Angels were running smoothly as a team. Making the lines about ‘blinding a teammate’ nicely prescient.

    The fight is a lot of fun too. I’ve said before, 2 heroines vs 1 bad guy is my favourite kind of fight. And with Reggie’s Redstone enhanced power making too much for the heroines to handle, it makes for a lot of great set pieces and KOs. Both endings were great.
    Lovely photo-set, with lots of gorgeous shots of both heroines.

    (hmm, did Shining Spirit steal Reggie’s coat in the alternate ending? She wasn’t wearing one when she came in, but she picked one up on the way out 😉 Naughty naughty)

  • Reggie has to work on his 3 star (or less) hospitality 🙂 All 3 acted great, lots of funny lines and fight scenes. Not sure if this was done on purpose, but at about the 10:13 mark of the video, Shining Spirit pauses before attacking Reggie again but you can see light coming from 2 windows and an overhead light, as if ‘Someone from Above’ was watching over her and giving her strength. Just a weird observation. Overall a great vid ! 🙂

  • I’ve watched this video a few times now and it’s terrific! It starts fast; in the first couple of minutes we learn the girls’ objective, observe their contrasting approaches to undercover work and fumbling examples of such, and in no time a suspicious Reggie has bewitched them to sleep. They look terrific chained together in their undercover gear struggling to escape a classic laser deathtrap. Shining Spirit’s athleisure apparel is eye-popping, but I was equally impressed by Lady X’s leggy trenchcoat look. Neither outfit would be complete without the fetching boots.
    These two actresses have a great rapport and with a sharp script they really seem like partners. The writing is great, especially Shining Spirit’s evangelical diction. I really appreciate the work that must go into giving the dialogue extra pop and don’t envy Shining Spirit needing to memorize and deliver all those biblical bon mots. The update post earlier this week had a note about the interplay between characters, and this video is a prime example of that. Moreover, that aspect is something that makes NGC stand out in the genre. The quality of the characters’ verbal exchanges really separates these videos from the pack.
    The special effects are really cool, especially the Redstone effects, like when Reggie powers up to fight the girls. The heart of the video is the fight sequence, which is really enjoyable. It showcases the ladies’ fighting styles and powers, reversals of fortune, several knockouts, and Reggie’s preening. The most fun part, for me, was the heroines’ frustrated exchanges as they struggled to match the Redstone-powered villain.
    We get two endings, including one where the girls prevail, which I enjoyed a lot. It was nice to see the two of them triumph for once and show camaraderie and appreciation for each other, especially given what we saw in the recent story entry. The other ending seems to set up a sequel, like another “Heroine Collecting” episode or something like that where Reggie gets to play with his new acquisitions.

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